Find out how with the support of HarComm you could create an IT advisory practice and help your customers with sound independent market advice in a market set for explosive growth.

In this webinar, Stephen Hackett will talk about how he set up Harcomm an IT advisory practice helping customers move essential business communications to the cloud. Learn how HarComm helped London Accounting firm Anstey Bond move to cloud based technologies, an outcome, that helped them to continue to thrive during the Covid crisis,

The webinar will show how you can create an IT advisory business without the need to acquire services, skills or bring on headcount, and also position you as a trusted advisor to your customers, and help towards customer retention.

Join HarComm and Vonage, one of the communications technology suppliers that we work closely with, and learn how they will be helping businesses in 2021 as the UK gets back to the new world of work.

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